Special estate planning package

Our special fixed price package for simple affairs.

Special Will and Enduring Power of Attorney Package

$650 (GST inclusive) - Single

$850 (GST inclusive) - Couple

Who is this for?

  • You do not have an ex-spouse (including a de facto partner).
  • You do not know of any persons who may intend to challenge your Will.
  • You do not own any assets jointly with another person (other than your spouse).
  • You do not have any control over or tangible interest in any trust, company or self-managed superannuation fund.
  • You do not run a business.
  • You do not have any assets overseas.
  • You do not require specific advice in relation to the suitability or structuring of a testamentary trust in your Will.
  • Your intended beneficiaries do not/will not reside overseas.
  • You do not own more than 2 Queensland properties.
  • For couples: You both have the same intentions in relation to your estate plan and can agree on the same persons to manage your affairs.

What's included?

  • All initial correspondence required to understand (big picture) your circumstances.
  • An online estate planning meeting (up to 90 minutes in length) to discuss your estate planning objectives.
  • Preparation of your Will and enduring power of attorney document; and providing you with information on 'how to store your documents' (as well as when you may be required to update your documents).
  • Provision of a template memo of directions (being a non-legal document to provide your friends and family with guidance in assisting with the administration of your affairs).
  • Holistic estate planning advice summarising key tasks in a written to-do list.
  • Undertaking of up to 2 Queensland property searches.
  • Estate planning advice in relation to your retail/industry superannuation fund.
  • Complimentary service: A signing meeting (usually 30 minutes in length) to assist you with signing and witnessing your estate planning documents.


You will not receive an invoice if a formal fixed price letter has not been sent and accepted.

Once accepted, the fixed price will be invoiced upon provision of your estate planning documents following our online meeting.

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